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Best Carton Sealing Tape “PVC Electrical Tape”

The OEM provides you with the PVC Electrical Tape. this brand will provide you with this tape in bulk. This tape is in different colors. Before you buy in bulk you can first order a sample of the Tap. if you like the sample then you can order in bulk.

You can use this tape on joining the wires and different cables. The grip of the tape is good. The quality of the tape is outstanding. The company has been making this tape for the last 17 years. Moreover, they supply these tapes in almost 20 countries.

The tape is waterproof and environmentally friendly. The main product which comp[any manufacturer is PVC electrical insulation tape. They also manufacture other PVC products. They are using advanced equipment in making the products.

Product Detail

Product NamePVC Electrical Tape
Brand NameOEM
Model NumberHD-EI002
FeatureHigh-Temperature Resistance
Tensile Strength30N/10mm
Rated Voltage600V
Type Insulation Tape
BackingPVC Film
Length3m to 300m

Characteristics of the Products

Following are some features of the product:

  • Waterproof and resistance to corrosion
  • Unique Glue formation
  • Strong Adhesive
  • Environment Friendly
  • Available in different sizes

Usage of this Tape

The usage of the tape is as follows:

  • It joins the power cables, electrical wires
  • It gives the protection to wires pipes and cables
  • Terminal processing of power cables


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